Kiraku Giving Back

Kirakus team are all conservationists, eco warriors, Earth activists. This year like every year (before the virus) Kiraku visited our usual sanctuaries, rehabilitation centres & organisation (like we always do) to see where we could help, give back, volunteer or support in some way. And like every year we also visited some new sanctuaries, rehabilitation centres & organisation. So we can see for ourselves if we could help & if they are honest, really organisations where the help & funds really do make a difference, going to the place it’s needed & that they are not just, money spinning Jurassic park petting zoos, where the funds only finds its way to the chiefs & staff promoting it.At Kiraku we feels it’s really important for us to actually go & help in person & not just sign off a cheque, to some high ranking charity to look good. Because this way the Kiraku team, not only have the joy of actually trying to make a difference but we also have experiencing first-hand that a successful organisation, no matter how small, really do make a difference, where reefs & species come back & even thrive with just a little help, common sense & removing greed.

Kiraku would like to share with you some of our favourites with the hope you might like to support them one day too