Direct Trade

Kiraku works with Direct-trade principles

Kiraku has worked with Direct-trade principles since 1977.  Direct-trade is a way small companies like Kiraku collaborate & do business together.  At Kiraku we don’t work with large organisations or middlemen because we believe in order to know, have trust & mutual respect with the Atelier, artisans, craftspeople, weavers & cooperatives, who are all small professional skilled, highly talented, highly educated & respected business people in their own right, just like Kiraku.

In order to get the very best products made. It’s important to us, we all work together on a face to face basis on the ground & in the countries where those makers actually live & make the products.  This way, they can communicate directly with us, anytime & tell us what they need from us, what the price is, how they want to work, how long they will take to make it & not the other way around.  Our maker collaborators are all in South East & East Asia & Ecuador. We have chosen to work with people from these areas because they have specialist skills and techniques & are some of the very best textile manufacturers or weavers in the world, who know how to use, use & have access to some of the very best materials to work with. We keep within this tight banded areas in an attempt to minimise our carbon footprint by ensuring our garments & other products are manufactured in the country where the raw materials are sourced.

We love working with Direct-trade principles because then our makers know us & our family, as intimately as we know them. It’s really wonderful to stay for long periods of time, working on new creations & on improving our ethos with such lovely longstanding friends in South East & East Asia & Ecuador. This also insures Kiraku 100% knows everything is made by people who really do all have the same ideals, of wanting to produce high quality items without destroying the planet & made by people who are given a living wage, who are not children, trafficked or exploited people & made to our high exacting specifications eco, ethical, sustainable, zero-waste, vegan-cruelty-free, recyclable etc.

And after all that’s said & done. It’s our hope, you really do enjoy the fruits of our mutual labour as much as we enjoyed creating them.