Kiraku Conscience

Hello I'm Martin, as founder of Kiraku I feel very blessed to have been born at a time when it was quite normal to be a family just like the Durrells & Attenboroughs, adopting every kind of animal, insect, reptile or plant until it could fend for itself, mature, grow on or wanted to leave. In fact, I can’t imagine my life without a profound love of nature, watching a life cycle or protecting or nourishing its vulnerability and admiring its strength and tenacity. From those humble beginnings enjoying & experiencing nature, to my teens seeing the need to personally volunteer or financially support or go on ‘Greenpeace’’, “Save the Whale” & other Eco marches in London. I’ve never been able see there could be a separation between my personal home life & work life. Where I would be a Green Eco Conservationist Warrior at home but not at Kiraku my work. This is why Kiraku & its whole team takes into consideration our daily “footprint” as we work & play. It’s why as a team Kiraku thinks of & gives back to nature every moment we can, in a hope we can make a difference. It’s why being a garment Atelier Kiraku also strives to give you the very best quality, Eco, sustainable, ethical, vegan, animal cruelty free, Zero waste, environmentally friendly, Slow fashion. That’s B2B direct trade, gender neutral workplace, climate aware, working towards circular fashion & always looking to improve. Because there's never been a better time to choose to make the world a greener & happier place.