Kiraku Striving To Be Better

Kiraku strives to create garments that are Eco, unpolluting, artful, even playful whilst being thoughtful & careful. Reflecting on the past by using trusted ancient Japanese resist natural dye methods to create fantastic statement designs on fabrics, which are then transformed into stunning even futuristic wearable art. We thought it only fitting to photograph our new collection in Felicity O'Rourke's Extinction Garden at RHS Hampton Court Flower Festival 2021 because we too strongly feel ‘Now is the time to make changes to our lifestyles & behaviours to replenish & even restore the balance of our natural world.’ as ‘global warming is an imminent threat that really needs tackling now.#climatechangeawareness #sustainability #sustainableliving #sustainablehorticulture #climatecrisis #wearenature #Handmade #strivingtomakeadifference #wearableart