Mojo Muku Crane

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 Mojo Muku

  • Made for when You want to be stylishly unforgettable but also comfortable 
  • Anyone who’s ever owned a Kiraku Muku will tell you, they can be worn anytime, anywhere, anywhen with anything. Look great with Jeans, trousers, Kirakus Hakama’s, over a dress, over a Kimono or a skirt & even looks great with shorts.  
  • 100% long lasting very high quality Japanese 14oz 100% traditional old style loom cotton denim fabric. 
  • Dark natural Indigo that's completely covered with Lucky Mojo Japanese symbols from the pure white Crane to Chrysanthemums & Waves.  All symbolic of ‘Good Luck, Long Life & 100% Happiness’ which is very much needed in today’s ebb & flow of life’s rich tapestry 
  • Unisex
  • Sculptural loose elegant 
  • 2 very comfortable handy hip high front seam pockets
  • Kirakus signature Japanese Kimono style cross over sewn neckline & cuffs that can be folder up or down  
  • Sewn rounded front & back edge hemline  
  • Straight full length batwing style sleeves
  • The Mojo Muku was born in 1977 at the birth of Kirakus life in Kyoto. Designed to be worn as an easy thrown over for a Kimono or twinned with Hakamas in all weathers. And because it was so casual smart & easy to wear, the Mojo Muku soon became very popular & was no longer just being sold in stores all over Japan but was whisking its way all over East, South & West Asia, New Zealand & Australia. And now Kiraku's Mojo Muku’s that has been recast by Kiraku in well over 100 colours, fabrics & variations. Can be bought in & is sent all over the World. 
  • You can also find this Mojo Muku in the V&A Museum  


Style Code : 16-400A

Loose Elegant Poncho Style 

              Front/Drop   Back/ Drop    Neck to Cuff     Max waist

Long:         68cm           82cm           71cm             120cm

Long works well up to size 20

Short:        65cm           78cm           69cm             116cm

Short works well on sizes up to 16

Small/Mini:          59cm          71cm            65cm               96cm

Small works well on sizes below 12

But of course it all depends on how You like to wear Your Muku

100% Cotton

Pre-washed ready to wear 

Recommend cool Eco wash 

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