Nami Mojo

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Nami Mojo 

  • Nami means Wave in Japanese
  • Black & many shades of silver grey colour 
  • Inspiration for Kiraku’s wave fabric came from the Japanese Ukiyo artist Hokusai & his ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’ which is a Japanese woodblock print from 1829 and 1833.  
  • Garment  design came from the need to have a relaxed layer over a Kimono & was inspired by a combination of traditional Asian tops, Suea Pat Hanbok, Haori, Yukata & Kimonos from all over Asian
  • This design has been made since 1977 at the birth of Kiraku in Kyoto Japan & since that time has been remade in over 100 forms, fabrics & variations following our slow fashion movement ideals 
  • Hand Woven Japanese Katazome 100% Cotton fabric
  • 2 comfortable handy hip-high pockets 
  • Kimono style crossover cuffs
  • Sewn cuff hem, sewn neckline, sewn bottom hem,
  • Rounded edge back & front hemline 
  • Straight full length batwing sleeves
  • Kimono cut chest 
  • Kimono cut neckline left over right can be folded up or down you chose   
  • Available in Small, Short & Long  
  • Available in limited quantities
  • Relax Beautifully anywhen anywhere anytime
  • Unisex
  • You can also find this Wave Mojo in the V &A museum


Style Code : TT100A

Loose Elegant Poncho Style 

                 Front-drop   Back-drop    Neck to cuff      Max waist

Long:            68cm           82cm            71cm            120cm

Long works well over a size 16

Short:           65cm           78cm            69cm            116cm

Short works well on sizes up to 16

Petite:             59cm           71cm            65cm             96cm

Petite works well on sizes below 10 

But of course it all depends on how You like to wear Your Mojo

100% Cotton

Pre Washed & ready to wear

Recommend cool Eco wash

Kirakus model Soko Yurii's wearing size Short. Soko's Height 1.70cm, shoe size 5/38, dress size 10. 

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Nami Mojo